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Our Governance

As mandated by the Statues of Maldivian Red Crescent, the Governing Board of Maldivian Red Crescent is the body that governs the National Society in between sessions of the General Assemblies.

All the members of the Governing Board are elected for a four year term by the General Assembly, with the exception of the Government Nominated Member – who is assigned by the Ministry of Health.

Governing Board consists of twelve (12) members which consists of ten (10)  elected members, One (1) Government Nominated Member and One (1) Ex  Officio Member. They are; 

  • The President; 
  • The First Vice-President; 
  • The Second Vice-President; 
  • The Treasurer;  
  • Government Nominated Member (non-elected member nominated by the  Government Nominated Ministry on behalf of the Government of the  Maldives.); 
  • Governing Board Member - Youth – Shall be an ex-officio position by virtue  of being the Chair of National Youth Council 
  • Governing Board Member – Inclusivity - Seat allocated for inclusion of the  marginalized and minority groups within the community – including  persons with disabilities, migrants and others as specified in the Rules of  Procedure.  
  • Governing Board Member – North Region – 2 Members 
  • Governing Board Member – South Region – 2 Members 
  • Governing Board Member – Male’ Region 

One member out of the two Vice Presidents, two North Region Members and  two South Region Members, should be a woman. 

Posts of the Maldivian Red Crescent's Governing Board can only be held by individuals aged twenty one (21) years and above except the Chair of National Youth Council who must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and  must not have reached the age of twenty five (25) years at the time of election. The Secretary General attends meetings of the Governing Board in an ex  officio capacity with no voting rights. 


Responsibilities of the Governing Board 

  • Approval of the Maldivian Red Crescent's Annual Report, financial accounts  and Audit Reports, communicating these documents to stakeholders and  concerned parties within 30 days from holding the General Assembly. 
  • Approval of the forthcoming fiscal year’s budget statement before the  beginning of the fiscal year. 
  • Recruiting and dismissing the Secretary General for the operation of the  Maldivian Red Crescent.  
  • Approving formation, restructuring and dissolution of units as per these  Statutes in the interest of fulfilling the Maldivian Red Crescent’s goals and  objectives. 
  • Setting up the committees or commissions which it deems desirable or  necessary for carrying out these tasks. 
  • Assessing and documenting the various activities and meetings conducted  by the various committees or commissions,  
  • Being informed by the Units of the Maldivian Red Crescent of their activities  through submission of the Units’ Annual Reports. 
  • Publishing the agendas for public and special or purpose-specific meetings,  including Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies. 
  • Determining the order of the discussions in the agenda for the General  Assembly. 
  • Finalize, approve and ensure that the Rules of Procedure of the Maldivian  Red Crescent is in place and in order. 
  • Ensuring adequate policies are in place for sustainable, cost effective, legal,  and ethical organizational performance and actions. 
  • Monitoring organizational performance to ensure progress on strategic goals  and compliance with policies and practices.